Jaipur Restaurant

Anand stresses that it is not necessary to compromise taste when eating healthy. The family also plans to bring Yoga and Ayurveda instructors as part of an overall health team. "The family has served customers for 50 years and bring a wealth of experience."

Jaipur, so called after one of Calgary's Sister Cities in India and Jaipur-Bridge in downtown Calgary. Jaipur India Cuisine Restaurant is located on Third Avenue West, in the old Salt & Pepper building in Cochrane. It has been beautifully decorated by Blinda Bilou of Interior Inspirations who wants to capture the essence of India in a new and modern way. The fully licensed restaurant will feature all the mainstream flavors of East Indian Cuisine but with an organic and healthful flare.

Alberta is now one of the largest producers of lentils and beans, and other ingredients which are easy to get. The freshly decorated restaurant will run on Eco-friendly principles as much as possible, said Rome, including the option of guests bringing their own dishes when they come to pick up take away food in exchange for a discount. "It is important to this business that we protect the environment as much as we can," he said.

As well, Rome, Sue, Son Tony and daughter-in-law Raju say they are keen to make a positive mark in the community. "We hope to become involved in community events, fund raising and so on," said the family.

"We are looking forward to making new friends."
Sarah Junkin
Cochrane Times